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  • About Us

  • As an early adopter of the emerging and evolving electric bike technology Eco Voltz have since become a leading supplier of affordable E-Bikes/pedalecs designed for the recreational, leisure cyclist and cycle commuter. We are proud to be a recognised, successful and affordable brand throughout the UK. 

    If you looking for a little assistance on your rides? Or perhaps you'd like to return to cycling after a long time away or an injury? We understand that everyone has different lifestyles especially when it comes to leisure time and exercise we have developed our range of bikes to ensure that you find the right e-bike for your needs.  An Eco Voltz will help you to keep pace with the keenest rider in your group, Climb hills with ease, Ride for longer, Ride further, Stay active and get fitter. So why not put the fun back into your cycling with an Eco Voltz Electric Bike?