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  • FAQ

    • Why ride an Electric Bike?

      An E-bike will put the fun back into your ride allowing you to travel with ease, go further, climb hills easier, and keep up with the crowd

    • How far can I travel on an Electric Bike?

      The distance you can travel on an Electric Bike can vary greatly and is dependent on many factors, such as the weight of the rider, the load being conveyed, the terrain being ridden on and the riders choice of power assistance. On average you will achieve at least 25 miles per charge, in tests the Eco Voltz Dart folding bike was ridden for over 56 miles on a single charge.

    • What are the health benefits of riding an Electric Bike?

      Research has shown that cyclist have a fitness level of a person 10 years younger and will be more likely to live an active life for longer. As using an Electric Bike delivers a low impact form of exercise and can help you get fitter

    • If I enjoy the Eco Voltz Electric Bike that I have hired can I buy it?

      If you hire one of our Eco Voltz Electric Bikes directly from us and decide you would like to buy one, we will discount the bike by the hire fee (see terms and conditions)

    • Can I hire a bike for longer periods ?

      Yes, we can provide an Eco Voltz Electric Bike on long term hire, see our hire rates or contacts us with your requirements.

    • Does the bike get charged as I am pedalling?

      No, Technology has not yet reached that level of sophistication, the current model range of bikes are fitted with a Lithium-Ion battery that is charged via a mains powered smart charger.

    • How long does it take to charge ?

      If the battery is completely flat it will take 4 to 6 hours but you can top up the charge at any time and it is better not to let your battery go totally flat.

    • Are Electric Bikes available in different sizes ?

      We have a wide range of Electric Bikes here at Eco Voltz that are available in different sizes, so we are sure we will be able to provide a bike that fits you and meets your needs, also we can change seats, adjust seat height and adjust handlebar height to ensure you are comfortable for your ride.

    • Can I borrow helmets?

      Yes if you don't have your own helmet we can provide a helmet for you.

    • I would like to start a bike hire service, do you offer a package ?

      We offer a full supported Electric Bike hire package with a pay monthly plan that includes the Bikes, Insurance, locks and even a software system to manage your hire business, plus a lot more, contact us for details.

    • Do I have to collect my Electric Bike

      No, we can bring the bike(s) to you depending on your location. Please contact us for details

    • Why hire an Eco Voltz bike ?

      Here at Eco Voltz, we like to offer a flexible personal service at very competitive prices. Our customers return to us time and time again.